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Combustion Calorimetry Tool - NIST Standard Reference Database 206

Contact: Demian Riccardi..
Identifier: doi:10.18434/M32043
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Combustion calorimetry is the main method for the determination of enthalpies of formation for organic compounds. Rigorous application of the method uses a 100-step procedure, sometimes called Washburn corrections, to convert the experimental results into standard thermodynamic quantities. Because every laboratory uses its own in-house software implementing this procedure, which is often not available for verification or testing, it is difficult to fully assess experimental results. Furthermore, these programs often use obsolete reference values of thermodynamic properties. This Standard Reference Database (SRD) introduces a standard procedure for this conversion. All experimental data used in this procedure (second virial coefficients of gas mixtures, densities, solubilities of gases in water and electrolyte solutions, etc.) have been reviewed by NIST personnel and the most reliable values have been recommended. The working equations were revised where necessary. Consistent with the NIST efforts on developing publication standards, this SRD also provides a resource essential to reproducible publications and interlaboratory exchange of the combustion calorimetry results. The primary users are thermochemical laboratories worldwide. This SRD will also benefit current practitioners in industry and future investigators through incorporation into university coursework.
Subject Keywords: Thermochemistry, Combustion Calorimetry, Organosulfur Compounds, Standard-State Corrections, Washburn Corrections    

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