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Data for "Targeted Chemical Pressure Yields Tunable Millimeter-Wave Dielectric "

Eric Marksz, Darrell Schlom, Aaron M. Hagerstrom, Nate D. Orloff
Contact: Eric Marksz..
Identifier: doi:10.18434/M31968
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Included here are figures and other relevant data from the paper "Targeted Chemical Pressure Yields Tunable Millimeter-Wave 5G Dielectric with Unparalleled Performance" published online in Nature Materials on 23 December 2019 ( Abstract: Epitaxial strain can unlock enhanced properties in oxide materials but restricts substrate choice and maximum film thickness, above which lattice relaxation and property degradation occur. Here we employ a chemical alternative to epitaxial strain by providing targeted chemical pressure, distinct from random doping, to induce a ferroelectric instability with the strategic introduction of barium into today's best millimeter-wave tunable dielectric, the epitaxially strained 50 nm thick n = 6 (SrTiO3)nSrO Ruddlesden-Popper grown on (110) DyScO3. The defect mitigating nature of (SrTiO3)nSrO results in unprecedented low loss at frequencies up to 125 GHz. No barium-containing Ruddlesden-Popper titanates are known, but this atomically-engineered superlattice material, (SrTiO3)n?m(BaTiO3)mSrO, enables low-loss, tunable dielectric properties to be achieved with lower epitaxial strain and a 200 % improvement in the figure of merit at commercially-relevant millimeter-wave frequencies. As tunable dielectrics are key constituents for emerging millimeter-wave high-frequency devices in telecommunications our findings could lead to higher performance adaptive and reconfigurable electronics at these frequencies.
Research Topics: Electronics: Optoelectronics, Advanced Communications: Wireless (RF), Physics: Condensed matter, Metrology: Electrical/electromagnetic metrology, Materials: Materials characterization, Materials: Ceramics, Electronics: Thin-film electronics, Electronics: Electromagnetics    
Subject Keywords: microwave, millimeter-wave, 5G, targeted chemical pressure, materials, dielectric constant, loss tangent, permittivity, low loss, tunability, frequency-agile, filters, resonators, physical vapor, deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, strain engineering, barium, strontium, titanate, superlattice, ruddlesden-popper, DFT, density functional theory    

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Marksz, Eric, Schlom, Darrell, Hagerstrom, Aaron M., Orloff, Nate D. (2019), Data for "Targeted Chemical Pressure Yields Tunable Millimeter-Wave Dielectric ", National Institute of Standards and Technology, (Accessed 2024-04-21)
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