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Dataset: An Inter-Laboratory Study of Zn-Sn-Ti-O Thin Films using High-throughput Experimental Methods

Jason R Hattrick-Simpers Author's orcid, Andriy Zakutayev Author's orcid, Sara C Barron, Zachary T Trautt Author's orcid, Nam Nguyen, Kamal Choudhary Author's orcid, Brian DeCost Author's orcid, Caleb Phillips Author's orcid, A. Gilad Kusne Author's orcid, Feng Yi Author's orcid, Apurva Mehta Author's orcid, Ichiro Takeuchi Author's orcid, John D. Perkins Author's orcid, Martin L. Green Author's orcid
Contact: Brian DeCost..
Identifier: doi:10.18434/M32065
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The open dataset accompanying An Inter-Laboratory Study of Zn-Sn-Ti-O Thin Films using High-throughput Experimental Methods (

High-throughput experimental (HTE) techniques are an increasingly important way to accelerate the rate of materials research and development for many technological applications. However, there are very few publications on the reproducibility of the HTE results obtained across different laboratories for the same materials system, and on the associated sample and data exchange standards. Here, we report a comparative study of Zn-Sn-Ti-O thin films materials using high-throughput experimental methods at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The thin film sample libraries were synthesized by combinatorial physical vapor deposition (co-sputtering and pulsed laser deposition), and characterized by spatially-resolved techniques for composition, structure, thickness, optical and electrical properties. The results of this study indicate that all these measurement techniques performed at two different laboratories show excellent qualitative agreement. The quantitative similarities and differences vary by measurement type, with 95% confidence interval of 0.1-0.2 eV for the band gap, 24-29 nm for film thickness, and 0.08 to 0.37 orders of magnitude for sheet resistance. Overall, this work serves as a case study for the feasibility of a High-Throughput Experimental Materials Collaboratory (HTE-MC) by demonstrating the exchange of high-throughput sample libraries, workflows and data.
Research Topics: Chemistry, Materials    
Subject Keywords: high throughput, collaboratory, thin film, open data, diffraction, phase mapping, band gap    

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Hattrick-Simpers, Jason R, Zakutayev, Andriy, Barron, Sara C, Trautt, Zachary T, Nguyen, Nam, Choudhary, Kamal, DeCost, Brian, Phillips, Caleb, Kusne, A. Gilad, Yi, Feng, Mehta, Apurva, Takeuchi, Ichiro, Perkins, John D., Green, Martin L. (2019), Dataset: An Inter-Laboratory Study of Zn-Sn-Ti-O Thin Films using High-throughput Experimental Methods, National Institute of Standards and Technology, (Accessed 2023-12-07)
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