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Measurement Dataset for A Wireless Gantry System

Contact: Rick Candell..
Identifier: doi:10.18434/M32100
Version: 1.1... Revised: 2021-11-10


This dataset includes the position data of a two-dimensional gantry system experiment in which the G-code commands for the gantry were transmitted through a wireless communications link. The testbed is composed of four main components related to the operation of the gantry system. These components are the gantry system, the Wi-Fi network, the RF channel emulator, and the supervisory computer. In the experimental study, we run a scenario in which the gantry tool moves sequentially between four positions and has a preset dwell at each of the positions. The wireless channel impact is produced through the RF channel emulator. First, we consider the benchmark channel with free-space log-distance path loss and ideal channel impulse response (CIR) which has no multi-path. Second, we consider a measured delay profile of an industrial environment where the CIR is experimentally measured and processed to be deployed using the channel emulator and to reflect the industrial environment impact. Moreover, time-varying log-normal shadowing is introduced due to the fluctuations in the signal level because of obstructions. The variance of zero-mean log-normal shadowing is set through the emulator. In order to collect the position information of the gantry system tool, we used a vision tracking system. In this dataset, we attached a meta_data.csv file to map various files to their corresponding parameters. A README.doc file is included to describe the measurement apparatus.
Research Topics: Manufacturing: Factory communications, Advanced Communications: Wireless (RF)    
Subject Keywords: wireless, manufacturing, cyber-physical systems, robotics, gantry    

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Version: 1.1... Revised: 2021-11-10
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Rick Candell (2019), Measurement Dataset for A Wireless Gantry System, National Institute of Standards and Technology, (Accessed 2024-06-18)
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