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AM Bench 2022 challenge Macroscale Tensile Tests at Different Orientations (CHAL-AMB2022-04-MaTTO)

Jake Benzing Author's orcid, Newell Moser Author's orcid, Orion Kafka Author's orcid, Jordan Weaver Author's orcid, Nicholas Derimow Author's orcid, Nik Hrabe Author's orcid
Contact: Nik Hrabe..
Identifier: doi:10.18434/mds2-2588
Version: 1.1... Revised: 2022-07-21


Additively manufactured (AM) laser powder bed fusion (PBF-L) Inconel 625 blocks were built with two different scan strategies: XY and X-only. 96 tensile specimens were extracted from blocks at different tensile axis orientations with respect to the build direction to yield the following conditions: XY scan strategy (0, 30, 45, 60, and 90 degree orientation w.r.t. build direction) and X-only scan strategy (0, 60, 90 degree orientation w.r.t. build direction). Tensile testing was performed at room temperature using a quasistatic strain rate of 0.001/s to failure. Microstructure was measured using x-ray computed tomography (XRCT) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) techniques on representative specimens of each scan strategy. Large-area electron backscatter diffraction was used to measure crystallographic texture and grain size/morphology for three orthogonal planes. Backscatter electron imaging was used to characterize the subgrain structure and assess recast layer thickness from electric discharge machining. Electron channeling contrast imaging was used to estimate dislocation density. XRCT was used to analyze the pore population. Literature sources were used to estimate phase fraction, residual stress, and the single crystal C-tensor. All processing details, specimen preparation details, tensile test method details, and microstructure measurements are provided for both XY and X-only scan strategies. Additionally, true stress strain curves for all XY-scan strategy, 0 degree orientation specimens are provided. Predictions are requested for the bulk/continuum stress strain behavior of as-built Inconel 625 tensile specimens at different orientations (XY-scan strategy 30, 45, 60, 90 degree orientation w.r.t. build direction) and scan strategy (X-only scan strategy 0, 60, and 90 degree orientation w.r.t. build direction).
Research Topics: Manufacturing: Additive manufacturing, Materials: Metals, Materials: Materials characterization, Materials: Modeling and computational material science, Standards: Reference data    
Subject Keywords: AM Bench, benchmark, additive manufacturing, metal, mechanical characterization, microstructure characterization    

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Version: 1.1... Revised: 2022-07-21
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Benzing, Jake, Moser, Newell, Kafka, Orion , Weaver, Jordan , Derimow, Nicholas, Hrabe, Nik (2022), AM Bench 2022 challenge Macroscale Tensile Tests at Different Orientations (CHAL-AMB2022-04-MaTTO), National Institute of Standards and Technology, (Accessed 2023-06-10)
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