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Python tools for OpenFOAM simulations of filament shapes in embedded 3D printing, Version 1.1.0

Leanne Friedrich Author's orcid, Ross Gunther Author's orcid, Jonathan Seppala Author's orcid
Contact: Leanne Friedrich..
Identifier: doi:10.18434/mds2-2602
Version: 1.0 First Released: 2022-07-11 Revised: 2022-07-11


In embedded 3D printing, a nozzle is embedded into a support bath and extrudes filaments or droplets into the bath. Using OpenFOAM, we simulated the extrusion of filaments and droplets into a moving bath. OpenFOAM is an open source computational fluid dynamics solver. This repository contains the following Python tools: - Tools for generating input files for OpenFOAM v1912 or OpenFOAM v8 tailored to a conical or cylindrical nozzle extruding a filament into a static support bath. - Tools for monitoring the status of OpenFOAM simulations and aborting them if they are too slow. - Tools for moving output files between storage locations. (For example, it can automatically move all files to a server, but only necessary files to your hard drive) - Tools for generating images and tables from the 3D time series. - Tools for compiling images into videos. - Tools for analyzing, summarizing, and plotting data.

This version is associated with the paper: Friedrich, L.M., Gunther, R.T. & Seppala, J.E. (2022) Simulated stress mitigation strategies in embedded 3D bioprinting, submitted for publication
Research Topics: Manufacturing: Biomanufacturing, Manufacturing: Additive manufacturing, Mathematics and Statistics: Numerical methods and software, Mathematics and Statistics: Modeling and simulation research, Materials: Polymers, Materials: Modeling and computational material science    
Subject Keywords: 3d printing, additive manufacturing, polymer, embedded ink writing, embedded 3D printing, bioprinting, rheology, computational fluid dynamics, OpenFOAM    

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  Github release v1.1.1
Link to Github page. Living code is updated at this repository. The link goes to a static version, frozen at time of paper submission.

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Version: 1.0 First Released: 2022-07-11 Revised: 2022-07-11
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Friedrich, Leanne, Gunther, Ross, Seppala, Jonathan (2022), Python tools for OpenFOAM simulations of filament shapes in embedded 3D printing, Version 1.1.0, National Institute of Standards and Technology, (Accessed 2024-07-15)
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