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Liposome Stability Study Time-Series Data

Contact: Sean Lehman..
Identifier: doi:10.18434/mds2-2702
Version: 1.0 First Released: 2022-07-26 Revised: 2022-07-26


This contains the raw time-series data for a study of liposome stability in aqueous fluid solution over the course of a year. The study was carried out using orthogonal nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) and asymmetric flow field flow fractionation (AF4) with multi-angle light scattering techniques to independently measure particle diameter and particle number concentration throughout the course of the study.
Research Topics: Nanotechnology: Nanometrology, Bioscience: Lipidomics, Nanotechnology: Nanomaterials    
Subject Keywords: Liposomes, MALS, NTA, Particle Metrology, Nanoparticles, Longitudinal Study    

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Version: 1.0 First Released: 2022-07-26 Revised: 2022-07-26
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Sean Lehman (2022), Liposome Stability Study Time-Series Data, National Institute of Standards and Technology, (Accessed 2024-07-15)
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